Our Leadereship

DR. MIKE NUSSBAUM,  besides being President, Mike is in charge of overseeing our  anesthesiologists and coordinating clinic events with our surgical team. We use many local anesthesiologist and Mike works along side of them at their first clinics with us and evaluates their expertise,

KIM MUSLUSKY,  Kim oversees and troubleshoots clinic operation in all areas during our missions.

STAN VOGELSANG, Stan’s work, before retiring was managing a company that does inventory control for all of the Walmarts worldwide. When he came on board, he was a natural to join the clinic inventory control team.

ROBERT L.”BOB” CHALFA, Bob is in the Heavy Earth Moving Equipment Business. In his younger days Bob worked in and later owned and Auto and Truck Parts Store. Bob has set up an inventory control system that controls all of our supplies via bar code labels. The items that have lot numbers and expiration dates are also handled on a first in, last out basis in order to keep our costs at a minimum. Bob does most of the purchasing for the clinic and works in the supply warehouse during the clinics.

ROBERT L. “BOBBY” CHALFA, JR.,Bobby is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Construction Management and has used his talents over the years supervising construction and maintenance of our facilities. During the clinics, Bobby is on hand to evaluate and repair equipment that have problems and to buy items that are needed.

DR. DAVE IRWIN, Dave is a Dentist and volunteered his services for many years. He is now in charge of Dentistry and coordinates the dental team.

CYNTHIA DRAKE, Cynthia is a Registered Nurse. Cynthia is has been involved with Thousand Smiles for many years as the OR supervising RN. For several years she traveled from Texas to participate in our clinics. She now lives in San Diego



DALE PROCTOR, Director. Dale is a Software Engineer. He and his wife Lupita work with all areas related to data processing in the clinic.

SYD LOGAN, Syd is a Software Engineer. Syd has written a tablet based bilingual program to register, track and store medical records and x rays for all of our patients. Syd participates in all of our clinics if not in person, remotely and is constantly updating his software to meet our needs. He has made his program open source hoping that other similar missions can make use of it in the future.

MILTON  RIVERA, Milton lives in Ensenada and is on first call to coordinate our mission with local government agencies and NGOs. Milton also is in charge of announcing our clinic dates to the local population in order to make sure potential patients are aware of this unique opportunity.

EDUARDO AGUILAR, Eduardo is in charge of transportation and lodging for our patients who travel from other parts of Mexico to receive our services. He also transports patients to a local lab to get the necessary reports prior to surgery

DR. ALBERTO ROMERO, Alberto is a dentist. His practice is in Tecate, Baja California (1 hour NE of Ensenada). He has been volunteering with Thousand Smiles for years. Alberto is bilingual, and, in addition has a rare talent working with small children. Alberto is also well known in Baja California political and University communities and gives us direct communication in those areas.


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